N35029  is a 1941 J5A Cub Cruiser.

N35029  is a 1941 J5A Cub Cruiser. It is a larger more powerful version of the J-3 Cub. N35029 is powered by a Continental C-85-12 engine. It gives it a cruising speed of 80 mph. The J5 is certified to carry three people; realistically it is a 2 1/2 seater. After WWII the J5 evolved into the PA12. N35029 will be used at Gulf Coast Aero for tail wheel training and tail wheel sign offs.

Tail Wheel Enforcement.

At Gulf Coast Aero we specialize in tail wheel training. We currently train in a 1941 Piper J5. If you are looking for something different and are due for a flight review. Spend some time flying the J5. Most pilots require about 5 hours to get a tail wheel endorsements. You will be familiar with three point landings and wheel landings. After 5 hours most pilots feel very comfortable flying the J5.


N35029  is a 1941 J5A Cub Cruiser.

General characteristics


Crew:                                                           One

Capacity:                                                     Two passengers                        Length:                                                        22 ft 6 in (6.86 m)

Wingspan:                                                  35 ft 6 in (10.82 m)

Height:                                                        6 ft 10 in (2.08 m)

Empty weight:                                            830 lb (376 kg)

Gross weight:                                             1,450 lb (658 kg)

Powerplant:                                                1 × Lycoming GO-145-C2 four cylinder, horizontally-opposed aircraft engine, 75 hp (56 kW)

Propellers:                                                  2-bladed wooden



Maximum speed                                       96 mph (154 km/h, 83 kn)

Cruise speed:                                             86 mph (138 km/h, 75 kn)

Stall speed:                                                 42 mph (68 km/h, 36 kn)

Range:                                                         430 mi (690 km, 370 nmi)

Service ceiling:                                           10,200 ft (3,100 m)

Rate of climb:                                             460 ft/min (2.3 m/s)





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