N19729 is a 1972 Cessna 172L.

N19729 is a 1972 Cessna 172L. The Cessna 172 first flew in 1955. It is the most successful aircraft in history. More than 60,000 production models have been built to date. N19729 is powered by a Lycoming O-320 engine rated at 150 HP. The Cessna 172 is still in production to this day.

N19729 is a 1972 Cessna 172L.

Performance specifications


Horsepower:                                                              150 HP

Best Cruise Speed:                                                    115 KIAS

Best Range (i):                                                            417 NM

Fuel Burn @ 75%:                                                      8.0 GPH


Stall Speed:                                                                 43 KIAS

Rate of climb:                                                             645 FPM

Ceiling:                                                                        13,100 FT


Takeoff distance:                                                       865 FT

Landing distance:                                                      520 FT

Takeoff distance over 50ft obstacle:                      1,525 FT

Landing distance over 50ft obstacle:                     1,250 FT


Gross Weight:                                                      2,300 LBS

Empty Weight:                                                     1,315 LBS

Maximum Payload:                                             870 LBS

Fuel capacity:                                                       42 GAL




Garmin CNX 480W

KX155 with glide slope





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